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November 11, 2009


Anne (34me)

You CAN do it! I lost 20 from April to Sept by just continuous movement. Working at a winery sure helped but running is my goal now, just to keep moving!


Good for you! I know a few people who have done the Jenny Craig plan. They were very pleased with the program, and got great results. I can't stand to "diet" but I have been excercising more these days. I have to because I simply could not stand to buy pants another size larger!


You have been making healthy changes so this will be the next step in the movement to the best Cat yet!


Way to go, Cat! Good for you :) I started a new diet and exercise regime about 2 weeks ago, through the website www.sparkpeople.com. It's working great for me so far, it's excellent for motivation and support.

Good luck with Jenny Craig!


Good for yoyu!!! Let me know how it goes. That quitting smoking this is a bitch. Not even gonna clean up that language!!!! i'm only 2 yrs out, but quite a bit heavier, and wow. Let me know how JC works for you. I'll be watching with great anticipation and pride.

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