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April 08, 2009



Oh woman, I love the way your life rolls. What yarn are you using for ds's hat? Okay, I'll have to be honest, dreads have always fascinated me. Maybe it's due to my thin/baby fine hair and total jealousy of things I cannot do!

I'm glad you're back is getting better. Over VINEGAR of all things.

I thought of you today when I bought a cone roller for my pizelle maker....So I can make my own ice cream cones. I know, pathetic, but we all must start somewhere!

My eyes are itching too.....all I can say is HELLO benadry!

Terry Temple

Wow, hope your back is much better now! Glad you posted all of that as it is hard for me to make out the time line on -----, wasn't sure if the events were current or old, afraid to comment. So glad everyone seems to be healing better now!

hmmm, need to dig out my old pizelle maker, gran baby due soon :) need to get back to knitting him something ..... ;)

Aunt Kathy

Thanks Cat, sounds like a good day even with the unexpected.


Dreads! Oh my goodness, hurry with that hat!!! lol

I am itching to get my clothesline fixed...I love to hang my bedsheets out...after the pollen subsides that is. :P

Glad you're feeling better.



Sure hope by now your back is feeling much better! Looks like you really roll with the punches.You never quite know what life will throw at you...hugs!

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