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February 12, 2009


Aunt Kathy

Oh Cat, that's mean, LOL. I would love me some mexican food about now. Yummy

Terry Temple

Sounds delish, We will have to try it sometime, hubby only eats brushetta when we eat Mexican, so he would love it! Looking forward to the finished bolero, can't wait to see it!!!


Wow....I'm still drooling over that bowl of soup and I really don't like soup that much.....

Then I got hung up on the 406 stitches. YOUCH!


My mouth is watering for this soup, but I am 2/3 the way across the country. I will have to look for it in a local Mexican eatery. Wow. 406 stitches.... what a bear to count.


Cat - you have made me insanely ready to go home - back to Texas! There are no good Mexican food restaurants here that can compare to that. I'm not far - just over the mountains in TN so call and we can go to lunch!

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