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May 03, 2008



Okay, you're making me look bad with all this organizing. Oh, I would love to have one of those clothes line thingies too!!! One of my old clothesline poles just broke too...well, it didn't break, it just fell...completely out of the ground. I need my clothesline! :(

Let me know if you do find someone who carries them.


Wendy Basil

My land lord foud one of those clothes line accordians when he was doing a clean up job...That was last year, he was going to put it up for me to use, maybe by next year that will happen.


Cat, have you looked at Lowe's or Home Depot. That's where my umbrella style clothesline came from.

You've surely been busy and doesn't it feel good to have things more accessible? I ran around alllll day yesterday so today I'm a bit slow at getting going. Soon, I think :-)


Parchment paper on an inverted cookie sheet is a good substitution for the peel and cornmeal. Just pull the paper out once the bread sets up. I did this with my rolls and it worked like a dream :)

I have one of those umbrella clothes lines. It's very very old. I don't use it anymore to dry clothe because of my allergies. Pollen sticks to the wet clothes.


Wow I am impressed. That looks awesome and I love before and after photos. Great blog!


These kinds of posts about organization and before/after pics are some of my favorites to see. You did a fantastic job!


What a great job you did; everything looks nice and neat--and easy to find.


I love the pink-lidded containers in your tea/coffee cupboard! Greta job in organising :)

Org Junkie

What an improvement, that looks great! Thanks for linking up to my Basket Carnival!!


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