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April 17, 2008



Good luck on your eye appt. and sorry you're paying for the stuff you did while you felt good. Some days you just can't win for losing.

Did you eat that middle piece of cake for me yet?



Great finds!!! I collect BB molds too, have a bunch of the standard recepies but always keep on the lookout for new ones!
Those books look like great finds! And the table runner and tea cozy look great together!


Hi honey,

let me embrace you. I hope you will feel better tomorrow. Your in my prayers.


Suzanne Irzyk

O.K., you're killing me here... That orange bread looks yummy! I'm so pooped today, I can't even think of baking, but weellll....maybe I will! I saw the Junie-Moon post on the shortbread pan too. Didn't even think of E-Bay.
I'll hop over now...


Cat, I just want to share with you that I also have fibromyalgia and understand completely how you feel. There are good days and then there are the bad days. It's hard to find balance because, like you, we try to do too much on the good days and end up paying (sometimes for weeks) for our efforts to accomplish our goals.

By the way, I'm also from N.C. although we live in Tucson right now. I'm loving this whole synchronicity thing going on.

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