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April 14, 2008



Good for you for getting back into sewing. That's my Mom area of expertise also. She's been sewing for longer than I've been alive...she can do it all. I can do a little. I love the fabrics you picked out, especially the florals...beautiful!

Good luck getting the machine you want. I hope they get more in stock.


Wendy Basil

I just love the material.....I have been thinking that the kids are old enough now, that I should be able to pull out my machine, and actually in and cut out a pattern, without them getting into it....I would love to make my little girl some dresses and William some one piece rompers, for summer...Seeing the material makes me think even more, that it is time to puul it out...Have fune with your new machine (my dream) and the sewing venture...
Big Hugs

Wendy Basil

Hi...the bag is just something I made up....and it is sold...did not even have to put it on Etsy, a lady in california wanted it, even before it was finished....I got the basic Idea from a pattern I saw on peaches & creme site...


whooo hoooo!

Welcome out of lurkdom. Like the fabrics you picked out and I can't wait to hear more about the maching


Great fabrics - I like them a lot!

Nothing worse than a sewing machine that won't do bobbins. Makes it hard to keep up with projects! :-)


Love!that fabric. Nothing like that here at my WM. All the ones around here are closing out the fabric/craft sections. I did get that Brother machine but I haven't used it yet so have no review. Need to get my sewing butt in gear.


Good luck with the sewing machine. I hope you're able to get the model you want. I have a Brother, it's a fairly basic model, but it has served me well for years now.


It figures that walmart didn't have the sewing machine you wanted. Hope the one you did find works out well for you. My machine is old. Got it when I was 12. It has a few stitches...nothing like the new ones today. Back in it's day it was pretty awesome. I don't sew enough to get a new one. It usually comes out once or twice a year and it works fine for me :)
happy sewing :)

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