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April 12, 2008



I'm glad you had a good time just sorry you got sick. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I was beginning to get worried (about both of us).
I ending up having to change to a stronger antibiotic...4 days of the first one did nothing. We'll get over this stuff eventually....we will, won't we? :(
I gotta find that dang flu kitteh and get him outta here! He's nothing but trouble..
Glad you're back, too....I sure missed ya!


Seems like you have been quite busy. I'm glad you're back!


Howdy....so glad you are starting to feel better...I am also happy to hear that this trip was much better than the last...I know what you mean, I love my family very much, but sometimes they just do stuff that hurts...so one of my things to do, was to change some stuf in my life, that keeps me from lingering on those hurtful times, and it has been wonderful...
Here's some big Michigan Hugs, that you get to be 100% real soon...


Glad to see you are back, but sorry you were sick on your trip. Take good care of yourself...lots of hot tea with honey for your throat!!


Glad the party and visit with the family went well. But, Oh, sounds like an awful time getting so sick while traveling! Glad you are feeling better. It's good to see you back here!

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