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April 15, 2008



I love cookbooks! The ones made locally by churches and schools....those are my favorites. I have no idea how many I have. lol

I really like the book you put together. That is an awesome gift idea. It looks so pretty!



I love that your mom made those recipe binders! I have a cooking journal where I keep notes on dramatically altered recipes, or things entirely of my own concoction that I fear I would never remember again, but it isn't pretty to look at. I think it's great that you are expending the recipes, too. Perhaos you will pass them all down to a younger generation at some point.


I don't have a pretty binder but I do have one I put my recipes in..there aren't too many LOL. I have recipe boxes with Mama's recipes in there but I really don't cook that often..at least not something that requires instructions. But I discovered that I could print out things online that filled up the page...print big enough to read so that requires those sheet protectors. I'll have to get some fancy paper *G*


Oh yeah and those Southern Living cookbooks are really dangerous for your health. Lots of yummy and lots of calories!


You are so organized! I love your recipe binder :)


I love your recipe book project! Not only is it super useful, but it's also ever so pretty.

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