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March 13, 2008



I pray that you and your hubby have a safe trip Cathy and I also hope that your sleep clock gets back on track soon. Going withtout sleep is something I can identify with and hope you don't go through any more problems with it!!
Hugs and lullabies ;)


I hope you have a great trip to NY!

I often have trouble sleeping, and will have the same next day drowsiness you have from the unisom. 1 pill works for me, but I have to take it a while before I actually want to be asleep. Good luck!


Hope you can get your normal sleep pattern back. Not sleeping is not good!!
Have a wonderful trip :)


Oh, you're in my territory now. Tylenol PM is a bit gentler...and melatonin supplements help too. Have a great trip and SLEEP ON!


I hope you find just the right amount. I take Tylenol PM and that usually works for me but on those other times, I use mellatonin. I don't really think it really tumps me over the edge though because by the time I get comfortable I'm asleep. Surely it doesn't work that fast!

Have a great trip! I'll rearrange my mind and picture you in NY 8-)


Good luck getting back on track. Maybe the travel will kick your system into gear.


Hope you have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it.


So, you're all packed. The vehicle is gassed up. And the road is beckoning. Have a great time, Sweetie!

Diane  FL

Hey sweetie, listen to some of these tips. I use a generic brand of pain and sleep aide and only take 1 on working days........Really helps me sleep

Loves Hugs
Diane FL

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