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January 06, 2008



Okay, that's weird. Looks like you would have noticed when you were knitting it up. That really bites that you can't wear it...it's so pretty.
Now, let me go see what kinda fiber I am.
(Please don't say acrylic...eeewwwww)


Sorry to hear about what happened with the Autumn Harvest. It turned out beautiful though and I'm sure someone will love to wear it. It would make a wonderful future gift for someone :)
Thanks for the link to the quiz by the way - too fun!
Hugs from an Angora :)


That's very surprising that you can knit with it, but you get the reaction when you wear it. I'm very allergic to several things, but so far not to wool. Tomorrow I'm going for my allergy shots...I'll try to remember to ask the nurse. I bet she knows....


uhhh would that mean you are allergic to yourself since that's what the quiz answer was??
Bummer cause it's really pretty!

Aunt Kathy

Ha I was thinking the same thing about being allergic to yourself. I am off to take the quiz now, I wonder what I am?


I'm angora. I guess that makes me either a bunny or a goat! Anyways, mohair is pretty goaty also, so..looks like we are in the same animal group. ;) snickers

I posted on ILOVEK&C that we lived in Germany for three years with the military, but my post got lost in space. We were in a village called Fischbach b. Dahn near the French border.
We loved it, especially the food! Yaeger schnitzel, yum! Curry Wurst, yum! Pomme frits..ditto.

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