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October 04, 2007


Dave Daniels

Oh, that sounds like a horrible summer. I can almost relate to the severity of the allergies, but not to that extent. Glad to hear that the homeopathic route is having some results in other areas, too. Glad to see you're back!


So glad to have something new to read from you......Hope all the kinks work out with the fibro and life gets easier..Boy I wish I had the Umph to walk "daily" I do go for walks with the kids, but not daily (especially now with fall allergies) and not at the pace I should. No fiber therapy, Oh I would be insane by now with out doing any crochet for that long. Good luck with everything and have a blessed day.........


Oh yay! A post from Cat...I've missed you a lot but I am so glad to hear that your pain is better. You've got a lot to handle so it's very nice that one of them has lessened and you're getting a grip on some of the others.

A little boy comes to my office to get his allergy shots. He never would talk just hung his head when he came in the door. I thought it was just because he associated us with something unpleasant. But geez, now he's talking and grinning and his eyes just sparkle. Apparently he had been feeling rather bad for a long time just too young to really say what was up. They've really helped him and I'm hoping that yours do the same.


I am so inspired!!! Glad that life is going better for you and hope that something soon helps with the meneire's other than surgery.(spssssst, I haven't knitted except for a short stint this summer either ;)!)
Keep it up! :)
Big Hugs,

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