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March 23, 2007



I'm so glad that you're finding your balance and removing the negative people from your life. I know how easy it is to get caught up in things, but it's so important to keep a variety of things and people.

I hope things work out on the health front.


Dave Daniels

Well, you exercise. Yarn has weight. Right? Moving those needles burns calroies, doesn't it?
Kidding aside, yes, there is another world out there aside from knitting. I mean, it's a rumor I've heard about, and never been a part of. Congratulations for finding it. Please, leave a few bread crumbs so we can follow you one day...[Wipes tear from my eye.]


I totally understand - I, too, am making some big changes in my life - and gearing away from the negative people in my life...plus finding joy again in doing some of the other things that I used to do - like read, listen to music, quilt, walk, and just BE...I still knit while I watch TV - but I have been cutting back on that too. (the tv watching)


...tis the season I think..Time to escape the winter and jump into spring with both feet.

You are just shaking off the winter doldrums...I know that negative people and negative situations can be brutal--you know I have been through my share of those as well.

You have to take care of your health..it's not one of those resources that will always be there. I know that part of my getting my act together had a great deal to do with my health.

You will find the right path for you...

Hugs to you!



Balance... Health... Priorities... Positive people... being good to YOURSELF... These are all good things.



It was interesting (sort of) while I was internet-less, to realize that I had to think all of my own thinks. Well that sounded weird LOL. What I meant was that I wasn't hearing any of my internet friends so all my thoughts were just generated in my own brain. A bit scary *G*

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