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February 12, 2006



Hi Cat,

Yikes! I hope your project is going better now.
Hey we have cats that look alike!! You can see my Feckles if you go to my pictures at Monkey Chatter.

DH and I have been working in my scraproom all weekend except for a flying trip into Portland to buy materials that we needed. Pretty much done now except for one wall. I am having DH make me a ribbon holder like one I saw in Pottery Barn. Then I will also add more shelving once that is done.
Had another nice day here. But we may be in for some rain tomorrow and then on Tuesday we are to start getting cold temps, like 32 and 30 for highs. yikes. Even tho we have really had the rain our temps have been very mild.

Better go. Take care.



Thought for you to keep in your mind this sixteen days, an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying:

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."

From Italy, "Festina Lente" (make haste slowly).

Sometimes slower is faster.

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